About us

The mission of Altruism NGO is creating services with a safe, resourceful, and healing environment for people going through crisis. We contribute to better life of people with mental
health challenges, particularly around suicide and provide humanitarian aid and adjustment programs to the Ukrainian refugees in R. Moldova.

Before the war in Ukraine, Altruism AO was providing emotional support on www.pentruviata.md for people facing different realities and considering suicide, being a pioneering actor in moldovan society in the field of suicide prevention. When the war in Ukraine started, the organization included projects for refugees in Moldova and for vulnerable people located in Ukraine (disabled  citizens, elderly, others unable to leave).

As soon as the war began in Ukraine, women and children started flooding the borders. We play a significant role in providing on a regular basis food and hygiene supplies to over 400 babies
located in Chisinau. Our service is listed under the governmental information website for the refugees with babies dopomoga.gov.md

Hope Center (Nadiya E — in Ukrainian, translated ”There is hope!”) is meeting the critical needs of these long-term refugee families with babies living in Chisinau, Moldova. At the beginning of the war through our partners in and outside of Ukraine we were able to get supplies into Ukraine as well. Shipments of food for both adults and children, and hygiene products, have gone to people in cities within Ukraine like Odessa, Mykolaiv, Irpeni, Chernigiv, and Kyiv.

Besides that, in the first part of 2022 organization provided online emotional support for people located in the locations at the frontline, while engaging over 20 volunteer counselors from all over the world.

Currently, continuous counseling services for individuals and in groups are provided in the office by our counselors. We also have 2 groups of Romanian language refugee students. In 2022 we organized many camps for kids, travels and sightseeing services, tickets to the concerts, distributed adult food, trainings, community meetings etc. We operate as a community center primary for the refugee mothers with babies, and for adult women and children as well.  We eat together, celebrate together, help each other and do the volunteer work together.

Our website for refugee work is www.novoe.info